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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage Intent

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Derwentwater, our intent is to provide children with important foundational skills and knowledge that will be further developed and consolidated in Key Stage 1 and beyond.

Our curriculum is designed to be inspiring, recognising children's prior knowledge and diverse starting points from home and previous settings. We aim to foster outdoor learning opportunities to enhance engagement, well-being, and progression within a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that promotes character development and supports children's holistic growth, while celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Our approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each child, valuing and encouraging their interests to allow them to explore their creativity and imagination. By delivering a holistic curriculum that maximises cross-curricular links, we aim to deepen learning and lay solid foundations for their future learning and development.

 Reception Curriculum Overview

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Reception topic links to British Values

Nursery topic links to British Values

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