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Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive, challenging and creative for all pupils. The curriculum content and delivery spark interest in pupils and encourage curiosity. Knowledge and skills are built upon over time through individual lesson questions and overarching questions that make connections to other units and subject areas. Our behaviour values of resilience, independence, patience, motivation, creativity and kindness are weaved throughout our curriculum to inspire pupils to achieve and thrive at our school.

The importance of reading is reinforced throughout all subjects, with opportunities to read embedded throughout our curriculum. We promote a love of reading and reading for various purposes to enhance children’s vocabulary and understanding.

 A range of opportunities are provided to enable all pupils to communicate their knowledge and understanding of a subject, and links are made across units and subjects to support pupils’ deeper thinking and long-term memory.

Teaching and learning consider cognitive load theory, and our approach incorporates a range of strategies to support children’s learning retention, such as recapping, recalling and revisiting.

Behaviour values are embedded throughout the curriculum and school life as we aim to develop children’s resilience, kindness, independence, patience, motivation and creativity.


The curriculum has been designed to develop a progression of skills and knowledge that build upon prior learning. Curriculum maps show how learning progresses over time across units, subjects and year groups. Links between subjects and units of work are made so children can develop a deeper understanding of concepts, knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

The curriculum is enriched through appropriate visits, experiences and trips that build on the cultural capital of children and develop their understanding of their local area. Special days, events and celebrations highlight wider issues and causes and enhance the curriculum offer.

We work closely with parents as part of a rich community to ensure the school’s vision is shared and supported so children reach their potential.


Our educational offer is progressive and engaging. The broad and balanced curriculum offered at our school allows all children to flourish as they develop their individual interests and talents. The curriculum encourages creativity and for children to be inquisitive about the world and learning.

Regular assessments allow teachers to build on children’s learning and make progress from their individual starting points.

At Derwentwater, we nurture ambition, develop character and build solid foundations for a successful future and life-long love of learning.

Specialist Teaching

At Derwentwater Primary School each class benefits specialist teachers in Music, Sport and Computing. They work alongside class teachers to provide children with a more in-depth education and unique experiences as well as continued development opportunities for our class teachers to ensure we are delivering the very best provision for our pupils.

Curriculum Overviews

Humanities Overview 

 PSHE and Relationships Curriculum Map